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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.           Which is the best way to immigrate to Canada?

A.            The best way is to get yourself assessed and know what options you have to immigrate. For instance you may qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Class and also the Quebec Skilled Worker Class. The best way would depend in this instance where you want to live how fast you want to come to Canada and how fluent are you in your French. Once you know what options you have it becomes easier to make a decision


Q.           Is it necessary to hire an Immigration Consultant?

A.            No it is not, but a good example why it is advisable to do so is this. If you have a fever you may choose to treat yourself, assuming it is just a mild flu. It may turn out to be a much worse scenario and can be even life threatening if you have something like dengue fever. Only a trained doctor could soundly advise you. In the same way Certified Immigration Consultants are trained professionals who can prepare your paperwork, liaise with visa officers and take care of any problem that may arise so that your end result will be successful.


Q.           Can I sponsor my family to come to Canada?

A.            Under the Federal system you can only sponsor your spouse, parent/grandparent or minor child to immigrate on a permanent basis. Under some Provincial Systems you may sponsor your brother/sister, niece/nephew, uncle/aunt or even a cousin or friend. But you must be living and working in these Provinces that allow such sponsorships.


Q.           I am applying for residency under the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Class. I live in a Country where English is my first language. Do I need to submit IELTS results and does my spouse need to as well? Do I need to submit Police reports as that will take a few months since I have worked in different countries. I want to submit my application soon.

A.            Unfortunately we are provided with no choice when it comes to IELTS for both principle applicant and spouse if applying under FSW. No matter what Country you live in you MUST submit your IELTS results with your initial application. However you need to provide police clearances only with your full application once you have received an invitation to come to Canada.


Q.           Is it better to apply for permanent residency or come to Canada on a work permit?

A.            Once again that depends on what your intention is. Do you want to live in Canada permanently or temporarily? Do you wish to come with your family or alone? If your intention is to come to Canada on a permanent basis with your family, and you have been informed you qualify to apply for permanent residency with or without a qualifying offer of employment , then that maybe your best option. Permanent residency provides you with many advantages and benefits in comparison to being a worker in Canada. However if you wish to test the waters, and you have an employer willing to hire you then it is best to come on a work permit and if you feel that Canada is the place where you would like to call home, then apply for residency while working in Canada.


Q.           I am in Canada as a foreign Worker and I want to apply for Permanent Residency. Under which program should I apply?

A.            If you have been working for a period of 1 year in Canada under a skilled  category you may qualify to apply under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), which is by far the quickest and easiest way to apply for residency. However know what options you have before you decide and make sure you meet all the criteria of CEC. You  may also qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Class or under a Provincial Nominee Program


Q.           I have been working in Canada for the last 3 months in a skilled position. My employer is happy and want to support me in my residency. Do I need to wait 6 months to apply for residency?

A.            No you don’t.  If you qualify under the Federal Skilled worker Class you can apply right away. There are several other Provincial Programs that does not require you to work for any period of time before applying.


Q.           I am working in Canada in an unskilled position. However I have skilled worker experience and a degree in my Country of Citizenship. Will I ever be able to apply for residency since I will be working in an unskilled position?

A.            If your work experience in your Country of Citizenship is skilled you may qualify under the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker Class or Federal Trades providing you meet all other criteria such as age, language , education etc .


 Q.          I am a student in Canada studying for a 2 year degree. I will be completing my degree in 5 months. I would like to stay in Canada and work and maybe even apply for residency. How can I do this?

A.            Once you finish a 2  year degree you will become eligible to apply for a 3 year post graduate work permit providing your course of study and institution qualifies. If you are looking at applying for your residency there are several different programs you can apply under with our without a qualifying offer of employment. It is best you get yourself assessed to check which is your fastest and best avenue as many students stay in Canada without any advise hoping they can apply for residency and a lot of them find they have to leave Canada as they didn’t follow the correct steps.

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