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ALIEN WORK EXPERIENCE(most recent 3 years)

Applicant’s Additional Information

1. Personal Information

2. Family Information

Relationship Name in English Former Name (if any) Place of Birth Date of Birth(M/D/Y)


Stays in the U.S.(From-To) Visa Type
Stays in the U.S.(From-To) Visa Type
Stays in the U.S.(From-To) Visa Type
Stays in the U.S.(From-To) Visa Type
Stays in the U.S.(From-To) Visa Type
  • B1/B2: Photograph, details on travel expense, wire transfer information of expense spent for travel, etc.
  • F1: I-20, visa copy, school document (enrollment certificate, transcripts) and financial documents showing fund used for studying in the U.S. such as US account bank record.
  • E-2: Visa copy, tax record
  • Approval letter of status adjustment for all family member, if applicable

* Please be noted that documents mentioned above can be requested to provide at visa interview, so be sure to prepare all relevant documents in advance. If unavailable, please consult with agent and provide why it is unavailable.

Name SSN# Visa Status

If principal applicant and/or spouse committed violation such as impaired diving, assault, robbery, etc., please provide police clearance including all lapsed information and verdict.

If applicant has serious disease or contagious disease, it would affect to officer’s decision on immigration application. Please describe information in detail, if applicable

Name Country Stays (MM/YYYY) Visa Type
  • Have you ever told or submitted incorrect information and/or document to U.S. Embassy, Consulate or the CIS?
  • Have you ever applied for a “Labor Certification” or “Green Card”?
  • Have you ever been denied entry to the U.S.?
  • Have you ever been deported or told to leave the U.S.?
  • Have you ever been before an Immigration Judge?
  • Are you an active member of the Communist Party or any other totalitarian organization?
  • I declare that I pledge to work for my SPONSOR on a permanent basis.
  • I clearly understand that depending on a U.S officer’s discretion, my age could become an issue and that there is a risk of becoming ineligible permanent residency of the U.S. if an officer is not fully convince that I would be able to exert fullest capability to work for my SPONSOR.
  • I clearly understand that my children may be subject to an age-out issue and that there is a risk of becoming ineligible to acquire permanent residency of the U.S. if they reach their “21” birthday while the immigration application is being processed.
  • I certify that all the information given above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. If this application leads to employment, I hereby authorize employer to investigate any aspect of prior history, including education, employment history, criminal background, and MVR. And I fully understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release.
  • I understand that if I am hired, employment with this company is ‘at will’, which means that either the company or I can terminate my employment for any reason not prohibited by State or Federal Law. All employees are hired on a “90 day’s probation period”. Furthermore, I understand that any false or incorrect information may lead to an early refusal on my application to the United States.

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