NOW Accepting applications for

USA green card

under the unskilled worker EB3 program  and business EB5 program

EB3 Program - currently not available to Indian, Chinense and Philippines nationalities. 


  • Be between ages 21-45
  • Possess one year of any experience ( any skilled or unskilled)
  • Be willing to work for an employer in Florida in an unskilled capacity for 1 year.  Job offer will be arranged by us. ( spouse can work at any job and children can school)
  • Your destination will be Florida – one of the warmest states in USA.
  • You and your family will get up front green cards/PR
  • Apart from main applicant working for 1 year with the employer in an unskilled position family members need to be in USA one day out of every 6 months in order to maintain green card. After 5 years you may apply for USA citizenship. Children under 21 can be included in application.
  • No family member need to sit for any English test or demonstrate having any English abilities.

EB EB5 Program - investment is $550,000. our management company will assist in purchasing the business and managing for 2 years until all conditions are met. temporary green cards upfron and permament green card will be issued after all conditions are met. business can be sold after the permanent green card is issued. AVAILABLE TO ALL NATIONALITIES. 

EMAIL: sharmila@annarbour.com and request for eligibility form



 Still accepting application for Express Entry to Canada. Job offers available for cooks, chefs and mechanics.

also hiring truck drivers for work permits.

fill above Canada assessment form and email to annarbour@annarbour.com

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We work under the Immigration Licensing of Sharmila Perera, President of Ann Arbour Consultants Inc., Certified Immigration specialist, authorized by Canada Immigration to legally represent clients in any Immigration matter. (View her license ). We have a very personalized approach to servicing clients. Our clients are not just a file number. Every client is personally known by name and one of our associates are always reachable.

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Immigration Services

As skilled, experienced immigration consultants, Ann Arbour Consultants Inc. is expert at guiding you through the complex Canadian immigration process with care and compassion. Whether you are looking to come to Canada on a Permanent Resident Visa as a professional/skilled worker, Entrepreneur or Investor, Student Visa, Holiday Visit Visa, Business Visit Visa, or self employed Visa, Family Sponsorship, or as a Temporary Foreign Worker, or living in Canada and looking to apply under Canadian Experience class,  or any Provincial Nomination System, Our trusted, in-depth knowledge of Canada’s Federal and many Province-based immigration programs has proven to shorten the process. Our free after-support helps new Canadians get settled quickly. Our association with employers helps you get a job faster, whether it is before arriving in Canada or after landing in Canada.  The choice to immigrate to Canada is an exciting, life-changing decision, and we commit to supporting our clients throughout every vital step. We offer a free evaluation to determine if you qualify to immigrate to Canada.

Immigration services for Employers

Are you an employer looking to employ a foreign worker? We can assist you with obtaining a Labour Market Opinion and work permits for your foreign employees. We also assist with Restoration of status, renewal of permits, and obtaining Canadian permanent resident status for your employees, be it under the Federal System or the Provincial Nominee system.
We also have in our database thousands of skilled and professional applicants who do not qualify to immigrate to Canada permanently but who are willing and able to come to Canada on a work permit, or be sponsored through a Provincial Nominee Program. At your request we could introduce these applicants to you free of any charges.

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